its so cool how radfems only believe shit when its convenient like “men being the ones to define the standards of medicine has historically ruined womens health + lives” ok “Except for the division of the sexes into male + female based on the standards of the men, that part is important and we should keep it” idgi


Bristol, Uk


Bristol, Uk

sluttywidow said: i am awake i will like them all

<3333 tru friendship

the eternal question of “are enough people online to pay attention to the photos i’m about to post”


Street Style: Afropunk Festival 2014 Shot By Driely S

Lucky Brand #standout campaign with Langley Fox

sarina tagged me for that meme but im too sleepy to think of more questions for ppl, soz :o

1. Favourite gif

i don’t actually save gifs so i don’t know, sorry :( i like that one of andy from parks n recs throwing the petals in the air

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